SCCM 2012 Prerequisite Checker command line to Troubleshoot primary site unable to join to SCCM CAS Server

Sometimes you will encounter issues on unable to join to SCCM 2012 CAS Server from Primary Site Server. you can use the Prereqchk command line to help you to get the answer from the log.

Below are the guide on how to use Prereqchk tools.

1. Open a command prompt and browse to \SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 or ConfigMgrInstallationPath\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64.
2. Copy the files from following location and check
(I) In Windows Explorer, browse to one of the following locations:
(ii) Copy the following files to the destination folder on the other computer:
• prereqchk.exe
• prereqcore.dll
• basesql.dll
• basesvr.dll

3. Type prereqchk.exe and choose from the following command-line options to check requirements for a primary site installation.
Example : Prereqchk.exe /noui
Usage examples (optional options are displayed in brackets):
• prereqchk.exe /NOUI
• /PRI
Verifies that the local computer meets the requirements for the primary site.
• /SQL
Verifies that the specified computer meets the requirements for SQL Server to host the Configuration Manager site database.
• /SDK
Verifies that the specified computer meets the requirements for the SMS Provider.
• /JOIN ]
• /MP ]
• /DP ]
• /SEC
When you run the command-line, unless you use the NOUI option, Prerequisite Checker opens and starts scanning the specified servers using prerequisite checks applicable to the specified command-line options. Prerequisite Checker creates a list in the Prerequisite result section for any problems found.

After you run the command line you  can also open the ConfigMgrPrereq.log file in the root of the C drive to review the prerequisite checker results.

Example command line :-


@echo Off
@echo.    Please Wait....SCCM Prereq Checking Tools Running .....
Prereqchk /NOUI /PRI /SQL /SDK /JOIN /MP


Save to Auto.bat

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