Power Shell Event Log Viewer Tools (Free Download Utility)

I’ve Created this Power Shell Event Log Viewer Tools to make you easy access to your computer event log and view it.

imagePower Shell Event Log Viewer Icons.

System Requirement

PowerShell Event Log Viewer V1.0 it’s a Small tools and File Size its about 249KB only.

it’s currently Tested on Windows 8.1 computers and with power shell version 3.0 and above.

After download the executable file, you can copy to your desktop and run it.

Hope you will like it.

Below are application with some Capture Screen


There are Display and Close Button.


Click on the Drop down button , you can select from Event log list that from your computers and click on Display to view it.


Note :- Some Event log is require to run as Administrator only can view the event log , example:- Security log , before you run this tools you can Right Click and Run As Administrator then you can view all the log.  Enjoy it. Smile

If you like it you can download it from the link below :-

Download Link :- http://1drv.ms/1c5agS9

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