Custom SCEP Endpoint Protection Reports to UTC +8 timezone

As these reports have a lot of internal links to the other reports. If during your test, you notice the report is not linked to the customized reports, please follow the below steps to change it:

1. open the customized rdl file with notepad

2. search for the keyword ReportName

3. change the value according to the value in your environment as below.  

<ReportName>Endpoint Protection - Hidden/Customized Computer malware list</ReportName>

4. save the change and import the rdl file and replace to previous customized one.

If you notice there is some report which is needed to change the time to UTC+8, please follow the below steps to do:

1. Export the report and import it as customized report.

2. Use report builder to open the customized report.

3. Go to Datasets as below:


4. By default, the StartDate and EndDate is set to use UTC time. To change them to UTC+8, please right click StartEndDates-> Dataset Properties as below


5. In the query, please change the GetUTCDate() to be GetDate() as below:


6. Click OK to save the change.

7. Similarly, for the TopUsersByThreats of the Customized Top users by threat, if we would like to change the FirstIncident and Last Incident to the UTC+8 time, please change it as below:


8. After that, please change the display name to be UTC +8 as below:


9. Save the change and test it report.

Additional information for report builder:

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