How to trigger SCCM 2012 Software Metering immediately by using runmetersumm.exe


Run Metering Summarization (runmetersumm.exe):

The RunMeterSumm tool is used to trigger Metering Summarization immediately on Primary Sites, by default it’s running as scheduled in Site Maintenance tasks, which start after 12:00AM every day. These tasks summarize the data in table MeterData, and write the summary result into the tables FileUsageSummary and MonthlyUsageSummary, so the user can see the summarized result in metering reports. The administrator who can connect to the primary site database can use this tool to run summarization.
This program will run the File Usage Summary and Monthly Usage Summary Software Metering data summarization tasks. It will summarize all existing meter data without the usual 12 hour waiting period. It must be run on the Local SQL server computer for the SMS site. The exit code will be set to 0 if summarization was successful and 1 if there was an error.

Command line is runmetersumm.exe SQLDatabasename

Example :- runmetersumm.exe CM_RA1

Login to Microsoft SQL Server Managemen Studio to check the SQL database.


Where to get this tools ? Download SCCM 2012 Toolkits at below :-


Software Metering Reports :-

Time of day usage summary for specific metered software program


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