Configure the Network Access Account in SCCM 2012

The Network Access Account in SCCM is used by client machines to talk back to SCCM systems and access network resources,
as the Local System account on each workstation can’t do this.
To set up the Network Access Account in SCCM 2012, go to the Administration pane,
expand Site Operations and click on Sites: SCCM 2012 Network Access Account - Sites
Then, right-click on the Site you want to set up the account for, and select
Software Distribution:
SCCM 2012 Network Access Account - Software Distribution
Then, click on the Network Access Account tab and enter the details of an appropriate user account:
SCCM 2012 Network Access Account – Credentials.
FYI… Network Access Account is important for OSD too.

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  1. Dear Team,

    Your notes are short and sweet and we can understand easily moreover need to about the pre-request installation of OSD and difference between SCCM 2007 OSD & SCCM 2012 OSD.
    I pleasure to post this note because sure to get an response my questions.
    Your service appreciated .
    Thanks in advance.

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