Installing SQL Server 2008

1. From the product DVD, if the startup screen does not run automatically, double-click splash.hta.
2. Go to Installation on the left bar, and click New installation or add feature to an existing installation.
3. After pre-requisite check is completed, click OK.

4. On the Product Key page, click Next

5. On the License Terms page, check I accept the license terms. Click Next
6. On the Setup Support Files page, click Install

7. On the Setup Support Rules page, click Next

8. On the Setup Role page, select SQL Server Feature Installation. Click Next

9. On the Feature Selection page, check Database Engine Services, Reporting Services, Management Tools. Change the directory to E:\. Click Next

10. On the Installation Rules page, click Next

11. On the Instance Configuration page, change the directory to C:\. click Next

12. On the Disk Space Requirement page, click Next

13. On the Server Configuration page, configure all the Account Name to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Click Next
14. On the Database Engine Configuration page, select Windows authentication mode and then click Add Current User. Click Next

15. On the Reporting Services Configuration page, select Install the Native mode default configuration. Click Next

16. On the Error Reporting page, click Next

17. Click Next
18. On the Ready to Install page, click Install

19. On the Complete page, click Close

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